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Nuclear Dodgeball Event

Posted: September 02, 2019

Nuclear Dodgeball Event on Saturday, September 28th (3:00PM-4:30PM)

$25 Per Member (Includes Pizza, Drink, and Free Buddy Pass). 

Click HERE to Sign Up 

Private Lesson Package Special

Posted: September 02, 2019

Private Lesson Package Special - Save 10%


Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Private Lessons!

Referral Contest

Posted: September 02, 2019

All of SEPTEMBER we are running a Referral Contest!

If you refer a friend and they sign up in our Kids or Adult Martial Arts Program, you will receive $100 Cold-Hard-CA$H! 

Referral must be done thru the Bronx Jiu Jitsu APP on the "Refer A Friend" Section. 

September Curriculum and Newsletter

Posted: September 01, 2019

Check out what's happening at Bronx Jiu-Jitsu during the month of September!

It's Back 2 School Season! Wishing all of our Grapplers (and Teachers) an awesome school year!

Special Announcements

Oxytocin: The Key To Positive Social Relationships in Children and Teens

Posted: August 31, 2019

Oxytocin: The Key To Positive Social Relationships in Children and Teens Oxytocin has been dubbed the “love chemical.” It is the hormone that is released when we feel love and trust in relationships. For most people, they know oxytocin as a significant part of the parent-child bonding process. However, it is also very important in overall human relationships and is considered our “social glue”. The release of oxytocin is not automatic but rather, a learned response. It is very important for children to develop an effective oxytocin response. We find that when children are abused or neglected, they often have underdeveloped oxytocin responses. This is because they have been locked in the fight or flight response and have not developed the oxytocin response to calm down. Therefore, bonding is very important to children in the early years of life.

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