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Valentine's Day Martial Arts Special!

Posted: February 12, 2020

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Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset

Posted: February 10, 2020

In our martial arts practice, one of the main areas of focus for our members of all ages is self-development and mindset.

Definition of “Mindset”

The dictionary defines the term mindset as “the established set of attitudes held by someone”.

Family FUN Night!

Posted: February 03, 2020

Family FUN Night on Friday, February 21st during your child's normal class. Parents/Siblings join your Grappler on the mat for a super FUN class! Siblings must be ages 4 & Up. Please wear comfortable clothing. 


Sign Up Here https://sparkpages.io/?i=uvi

February Newsletter and Curriculum

Posted: February 01, 2020

Check out what's happening at Bronx Jiu-Jitsu during the month of February!

Special Announcements:

The Positive Effects of Martial Arts for a Child in School

Posted: January 27, 2020

The Positive Effects of Martial Arts for a Child in School

Grade school can be quite the experience for any child. It is a place where a child not only learns academically but one where a child must learn to socialize and function in the world. Unfortunately, there are a lot of negative experiences that a child may have when going through school. Whatever those experiences may be, it would be a good idea to have a child participate in martial arts classes. Doing so will give them the tools they need to survive the school experience. The benefits associated with taking martial arts classes are essential for them to be able to have a positive experience in school.

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