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The Importance of Journaling - What do I put in my Journal? Part 2 of 2

Posted: April 29, 2019

The Importance of Journaling - What do I put in my Journal? Part 2 of 2

Organizing Jiu Jitsu in your head can be very difficult, so we like to use the analogy of your brain as a computer. And when you right click, a drop down menu pops up with all of your Jiu Jitsu Positions such as Mount, Guard, Side Mount, Back, etc.

When you hover over a position, such as mount, another menu will appear which will have the things you can do from mount, such as Submissions from Mount, Ways to Put Pressure, Ways to Maintain the Mount, Ways to Dismount, etc. Then each one of those areas, will have a drop down menu as well.

The longer you train in Jiu Jitsu, the more and more in depth your menus will become. Due to the infinite amount of techniques and how quickly jiu jitsu is evolving every day on the mat, putting your “drop down menus” on paper is the absolute BEST way to ensure that you will not forget your techniques.

On top of keeping a Training Journal, having an area where all of your techniques are separated in Categories (Positions) and Sub-Categories (What we can do from those positions) is a great way to begin your library of techniques.

Don’t trust your memory. When you listen to something valuable, write it down. When you come across something important, write it down.” - Jim Rohn

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