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Do you have a shy kid?

Posted: July 29, 2019

Do you have a shy kid?

We at Bronx Jiu Jitsu feel that Martial Arts is a good combination of an individual sport and a team sport. When you’re on the mat training you’re working with other people. However when you actually apply what you’ve learned it becomes an individual sport. It’s a good combination of both worlds.

We see kids all the time that come in and we go to give them a high five or ask them what their name is and they will hide behind mom or dad. That’s when we know that they are shy.

Here's a couple of tips we like to give parents to help their kids when they’re shy.

Tip #1: Let the child know that it’s ok to be shy. Especially when they’re coming into a new environment. Martial Arts is already a bit intimidating.

Tip #2: Set goals. Taking baby steps such as trying to make eye contact, then maintaining that eye contact for a couple of seconds. Or a fist bump with someone. Little steps like these will help them work their way up to becoming less shy.

Another question that we get that accompanies being shy is…what age is a good age to start Martial Arts? Here at Bronx Jiu Jitsu we start kids off at the age of 4. We feel like that is a great age for kids to be able to be in a classroom environment and understand the rules of the class. In this environment they will be able to learn the social skills they need as well as learning what’s expected of them in a class environment.

When you’re looking for a Martial Art or an activity, make sure that it’s geared toward their age group. You don’t want your 5 year old in with the 12 year olds. They most likely won’t flourish or be outgoing. For example, at our Academy we keep kids within their age groups. Little Grapplers ages 4-7; Junior Grapplers ages 8-11, and Teen Grapplers age 12+. This way they’ll flourish and come out of their shell a little easier and maybe even a little quicker.

So, if you feel like your child is a little on the shy side, and you’re interested in them trying Martial Arts we’d love to have you come in and check us out and let’s see if Martial Arts can help. 

Click HERE to learn more about our Kids Martial Arts Program or call our academy at (347) 810-7842.

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